Comprehensive services for OEMs, Operators and Service Companies in Rotating Equipment
whitemetal bearing manufacturing

Make to print manufacturing services for all types of whitemetal bearings, tilt pad bearing assemblies and seals.

whitemetal Bearing Repair

Responsive, high quality repairs to support planned and emergency outages on turbines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes and turbomachinery.

Re-engineering babbit bearings

Spare part solutions for rotating equipment. Cost effective and quick turnaround to replace difficult to source bearings.


We serve clients around the world in many different industries with all types of applications from heavy mining equipment to high speed turbomachinery.

Oil and Gas Thermal Power Generation Hydro Power Generation Petrochemical Mining and Cement Industrial Processing Marine Steel Mills

Gas Turbines Steam Turbines Generators Compressors Fans and Blowers Hydro Turbines Pumps Electric Motors Gearboxes

Responsive Service

Oiltech is an independant company serving clients around the world with solutions for hydrodynamic whitemetal (babbitt) lined oil film bearings. We pride ourselves on our responsive service and providing strategic parts and repair services, often during unscheduled shutdowns of rotating equipment.

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Expert technical support for Babbitt bearings and rotating equipment
Concurrent working during procurement, design or re-engineering and manufacturing
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Technical Support

Our team have decades of experience with whitemetal lined bearings, assemblies and seals. We thrive on solving problems and providing cost effective, time sensitive solutions for critical parts used in rotating equipment around the world.

We are experts in bearing performance and design with extensive experience and knowledge of rotating equipment. This enables us to provide clients with troubleshooting, technical analysis, failure investigations and upgrades.

Technical Support

Technical Support Rotating Equipment Bearings

Global Reach

Our team has extensive experience and representatives around the world including Europe, Middle East and Asia. We can serve clients around the world from our UK facility.

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